How do I order your product?

Check out the 'Products' section of the site for more info on how to get ahold of our stuff!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Check, and MasterCard/Visa.  

Do you sell by the individual cut, bulk/wholesale, or ¼, ½, or whole animal?

We sell individual cuts and bulk/wholesale.  We offer 1/2 or whole beef,hogs, and lamb.  You have the choice to have it broken down into individual cuts (as listed on our price list) or into custom cuts.  Please email us to make an order and to get more information.  Check out our price list under our ‘Products’ page for all the details.  There are minimum order requirements in order to receive the bulk/wholesale discount.  Please contact us to find out more details.

How do I know what individual cuts are available?

Look at our 'Products' page to see our current products and price list.  Please email us at trifarms@gmail.com with your inquiries about products that are available; however the majority of our pork products are available year round.

Who processes the meat?

Since we are a new farm we are constantly trying new processors to see who best meets our needs and ideals.  Currently we utilize the following processors for our beef, goat, pork, and lamb:

  • Story City Locker in Story City, Iowa
  • Midwest Pack in Nevada, Iowa

If you have a locker you prefer, contact us to see if we can make it happen!

How are your animals raised?

Please see the 'Our Animals' page for more information on this topic!

Trinity Farms
63273 260th St
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Phone: 515.290.0464

"Best eggs I've ever used!!!  The colors the yolks add to my dishes are incredible!"

 - Chef Nick Illingsworth, The Cheese Shop of Des Moines

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