Our Animals


Our cattle are rotationally grazed on a a lush, diversely speciated permanent pasture from start to finish.  They spend the entirety of their lives enjoying the great outdoors.  The result is a content animal and beef of the highest quality and nutrition.


We raise Katahdin and Katahdin cross sheep in the same manner as the cattle.  They spend their days roaming about care free thanks to the watchful gaze of our livestock guardian dog.  The Katahdin breed yields a wonderfully tasting lamb which is more mild than most.  As with all grass-fed meat, our lamb is superior in nutrition as well.


Berkshire, Hereford, and a few cross breeds make up Trinity Farms' swine breeds.  They are allotted pasture ground and woods to spend their lives on.  We feel that this simulates a pig's natural environment and allows them to forage for tasty tidbits such as acorns, hickory nuts, honey locust pods, and anything else that they discover!

Laying Hens

We have a hugely diverse flock at Trinity Farms because we believe the diversity of eggs adds more quality to our product.  Our ladies live outdoors year-round but have a mobile, floorless coop which they roost and lay in.  The hens are moved about the pasture in the same way that Joel Salatin does- the chickens follow after the cattle, break up the cow pats, eat fly larvae, deposit their own manure and generally cluck along merrily.  This leaves our pasture in terrific shape, keeps flies from irritating the cows, and makes our eggs extraordinarily delicious and nutritious.  


Our pasture raised turkeys live amongst the rest of the poultry, wandering the fields in search of bugs and other pasture delights.  We have a variety of heritage breeds including:  Blue Slate, Bourbon Red, Narragansett, Royal Palm, and Broad-breasted Bronze.  They are a joy to raise and a sight to see!  If you've never had pasture-raised turkey you will be astonished by the difference between them and their confinement-raised brethren.  

Broiler Chickens

At the ripe age of 3 weeks, our broiler chickens are moved to 10' x 12' shelters with nothing but pasture under their feet.  The shelter gives them shade and protection from predators who find chicken as delightful as humans do.  These creatures get to peruse the pasture's offerings free from worry!  The result of this grazing is a beautiful and amazingly healthy meat.

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"Best eggs I've ever used!!!  The colors the yolks add to my dishes are incredible!"

 - Chef Nick Illingsworth, The Cheese Shop of Des Moines

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